Stonefield Software offers a number of training options depending on your needs.

For those who want to learn on your own, you can view our online help and videos.

For formal training, we offer both online and onsite training. The training sessions are not set courses but rather driven by your unique needs. We have found this to be more effective because every organization's needs are different. Our training staff will discuss what your needs are and plan for the training session in advance.

Online training rate: $180/hour or you can purchase our Gold Support Plan at $720 for 5 hours of training time.

Onsite training rate: $2,400/per day plus all travel expenses; flight, hotel, food, rental car/cab fare, etc. Travel expenses will also include one full day ($1,000, 1/2 day each way) for travel.

Contact us today at 204-669-2946 or to review your requirements.