Version 5.0

  • Two factor authentication is now available for users that require additional security. You can enable it via a new tab in options.

  • Improved loading times when initially opening a report for the first time.

  • Administrator users can now specify that their email settings be used as the default settings. Any users that don't have email settings specified will use the default settings when sending emails.

  • It's now much easier to create a SQL Passthrough report with parameters. Stonefield Query will detect each '?' placeholder in the SQL Statement and prompt for a caption and parameter value for it.

  • User names with backslashes are now supported.

  • When entering a server address for FTP, you can now optionally specify a ftp:// prefix if you'd like.

  • The author and title properties are now set on generated Excel documents.

  • Stonefield Query now supports multiple schedules with the same name (even across tenants).

  • The user interface has several new progress indicators.

  • The scheduler has a new "New schedule" button.

  • When registering for a new user account, you can now choose the password rather than one being generated automatically.

  • You now get a warning if you try to edit a report that is already being edited by another user.

  • The properties dialog now includes the table each field is from to make fields with the same name easier to identify.

  • The ask-at-runtime filter display now includes the connection for a filter condition.

  • The ability to email and upload (to FTP) reports can now be restricted by role.

  • The tooltip for a formula in the formulas list will display all reports a formula is being used in.

  • A new button in step 2 of the report wizards will filter the list of tables to only those tables related to tables already appearing in the selected list.

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