The GetReports method returns a collection of reports belonging to the specified folder ID. This collection contains objects with the following properties:

ID The report ID.
ReportName The report name.
ReportType The report type: "Q" for a quick report, "X" for a cross-tab report, "L" for a label, "C" for a chart, "D" for a dashboard, "B" for a batch report, "G" for a gauge, "E" for an external report, "Y" for a Crystal report.

This method is useful if you want to display a list of folders and the reports in those folders from an application using the SQProxy object. You can then use the GetReport method to get a Report object with complete information about the desired report.


GetReports(FolderID as Integer [, UserName as String])
    as Collection

The ID of the folder to get the reports from.

If this is specified, the returned collection contains only those folders the specified user has access to.

Return Value
A collection of report objects.

Set the example in the GetFolders topic.

See also

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