If you want to supply some sample or standard reports with Stonefield Query, create them in your copy of Stonefield Query, export them to SFX files using the Export Reports function in the File menu, and then put them into a Sample Reports folder under your project folder and include this folder in your setup executable (this folder is included by default in your setup script if you use the Generate Setup function). The first time a user runs Stonefield Query, it automatically imports any reports it finds in that folder, adding them to the list of reports appearing in the Reports Explorer.

(Stonefield Query only automatically imports sample reports when there are no reports in Reports Explorer. The reason for that is simple: if it imported all sample reports every time it started, sample reports the user decided they didn't want and removed would reappear the next time they started Stonefield Query, which would be pretty frustrating. However, this means that new or updated sample reports wouldn't be imported when they install a new version. To allow new and updated sample reports to be discovered when a new version is installed (that is, the version number changes in the first or second digit), Stonefield Query checks the contents of the Sample Reports folder and compares it to the current reports, and presents a dialog of new or updated reports the user can choose to import. The Check New or Updated Sample Reports function in the Tools menu does the same thing but is kicked off manually by choosing the menu item rather than automatically.)

If you don't want users to modify or delete these reports, be sure to turn off the In addition to running the report, users in the selected group may modify or delete the report setting in the Security Options step of the report wizards before exporting the reports.

If you wish to charge customers for certain reports and want to protect them so only customers who've paid for the reports can use them, see the Licensing Reports topic.

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