A Table object contains the properties for a table in the data dictionary. This object has no methods.


All properties are read-write.

NameData TypeDescription
Alias String The name of the table.
Caption String The caption for the table.
CommentString The comment for the table.
Database String The name of the database the table belongs to.
DataGroup String A comma-delimited list of the data groups the table belongs to.
Location String The location of the table. This is only needed for Visual FoxPro free tables.
OriginalTable String The name of the main table if this is a subtable.
Reportable Boolean True if the table is reportable.
Roles String A comma-delimited list of roles that can access the table (blank means everyone can access it).
Schema String The schema or user name for the table (blank for none); for example, "dbo."
SubTableFilter String The subtable filter expression if this is a subtable.
UserDefined String This property can contain anything you want to place in it.
Version String The version number for the table.
Virtual Boolean True if this is a virtual table.

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