Web Pricing

Stonefield Query Web Pricing:

Stonefield Query end-user licensing is based on concurrent users.

Enterprise Studio

The Stonefield Query Studio license enables a developer to create the customized reporting application that their end-users use to create reports from their own database via a browser.

Subsequently, each user that needs to create and/or view reports need an end-user license, either a Report Designer or Report Viewer.

Report Designer

Report Designer licenses enable users to create, edit, and delete reports.

Report Viewer

Report Viewer licenses enable users to view existing reports but also enables them to pick conditional filter options and schedule and output reports.

Stonefield Query Enterprise Studio (Includes 1 Report Designer License)$2,000

Report Designer License 5 Pack$3000 ($600/User)

Report Viewer 5 Pack$2,000 ($400/user)

Contact us for volume discounts

Report Designer Volume Packs and Report Viewer License Packs are beneficial
for ISV customers that have clients who host their reporting application.


Stonefield Query Software Maintenance is 25% of retail price. Software Maintenance is required with the initial purchase of all Stonefield Query licenses. Each subsequent year is optional. Software Maintenance includes all updates/upgrades of the Desktop version and unlimited support tickets for the maintenance period. Phone support is available for $180/hour.

Additional Support Option:

We offer a Gold Support Plan for $720 that provides you with 5 hours of telephone support. This also can be used for training/consulting.



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