Stonefield Query SQL Server Ad Hoc Reporting

Ad Hoc Reporting for SQL Server

Stonefield Query enables you to create a custom ad hoc reporting solution for your SQL Server database. Your SQL Server database holds all of your vital business information and access to this business intelligence (BI) can be difficult. Our unique approach is to let technical/non-technical users perform their own ad hoc reporting and data analysis.

Stonefield Query ad hoc reporting for SQL Server lets organizations:

  • Drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to create reports
  • Entrust users to complete their own data analysis and reporting
  • Enable users to access multiple SQL Server databases as well as other databases in a single report.

Data Analysis without frustration

In today’s world information moves quickly. This is why it’s essential to have the right business intelligence available at the right time to make critical decisions. With more and more information being stored daily, having a customized ad hoc reporting solution for SQL Server that’s accessible is imperative to your users being able to analyze the information when they need it.


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