Stonefield Query Ad Hoc Reporting Software Solution

A Self-Service Ad Hoc Web Reporting Application

Stonefield Query Ad Hoc Reporting Software Solution enables organizations to deliver self-service ad hoc web reporting to business users in any industry and for virtually any data source including:

Reports When You Need Them

Business users are frustrated by the time it takes for reports to be created by other people or departments, Stonefield Query gives business users the ability to create their own reports when they are needed, anytime, anywhere.

Simple to Deploy, Easy to Use

bottleneckStonefield Query Enterprise Reporting Software removes the ad hoc reporting roadblock or “IT Bottleneck” when organizations customize a reporting application specifically for their data sources. All the technical information that’s typically needed to create a report is built in and stored in a logical database or data dictionary. Therefore, business users can focus on getting the answers they need without needing to learn how to program a report or having to go back to IT for help and have access

to their database information through any web browser.

Features Include:

  • Multiple Data Source Support
  • Security
  • Localization
  • Plug-in Capability
  • Automate Reports
  • Find out more…


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