ISV OEM Program

You’ve created a great database application. It has an easy to use and intuitive user interface. All of the Information that anyone could hope for is being stored in the database. Yet your users still aren’t happy, why?

Business applications often require reports, and end-user expectations for those reports are high. Users demand considerable sophistication, as well as self-service functionality. That means a lot of developer time.

Every time you   upgrade or add new features to your database application then someone has to go through every one of the canned reports to make sure they still work. Your development staff is already stretched to the limit with product enhancements and bug fixes. When will they have time to create more one-off reports?

The Stonefield Query ISV and OEM  Partner Program is  designed for  your continuing success and profitability as a Business  Intelligence Database Reporting solutions provider. Stonefield  Query offers partners a great opportunity to earn a significant and unlimited  amount of recurring revenue. As an independent software vendor (ISV) or  original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner, you can integrate Stonefield  Query with your independently-developed applications in order to deliver a  sustainable competitive advantage and increase profit opportunities. You can even  build and sell custom BI database reporting solutions for virtually any  commercial application on the market.

When you  integrate or resell the award winning Stonefield Query BI database reporting  tool, you provide your customers with an easy-to-use solution from an industry leader you can:

  • Reduce your  research and development costs
  • Reduce your  support costs
  • Increase your  product’s functionality
  • Offer a  solution that your customers will love
  • And best of  all, make more money

The  Stonefield Query advantage:

  • Private label  – take our SDK and private label “your own” reporting solution
  • Profitable –  some Stonefield Query ISV’s are making a 2,000% markup
  • Database  independent – works with virtually any database application, SQL, Oracle, DB2,  …
  • Easy to Use –  your customers will love how the intuitive wizard driven user interface makes  reporting a snap
  • Inexpensive –  you will be surprised at how little it costs to get started

Become a  Stonefield Query ISV or OEM Partner so you can:

  • Incorporate  Stonefield Query into your product
  • Take  advantage of new and recurring revenue streams
  • Rely on free  training and technical support to get you up and running quickly and easily

 For more information regarding this program contact:

Chris Hodgins
(800) 563-1119 x 1-3
(407) 323-4124


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