Stonefield Query provides a step-by-step method to create professional reports from virtually any database. Anyone can create detailed reports, high level overview, drill-down/drill-through, charts/graphs, pivot tables, and more in minutes not hours.

Quick Report Creation Time

Use Stonefield Query to create reports quickly and efficiently. The reporting process is broken down into adding the information for the report, narrowing down the information through filters/exclusions, sorting, and finally defining who has access to the report.

Schedule and Automatically Deliver Reports

Automatically deliver reports via e-mail, file, or printer.

Filters and Exclusions

Filter parameters allow you to narrow down your results without programming. A filter example would be All Users with Closed Opportunities or Sales in the last 30 days. Exclusions allow you to report on things that are not recorded in your database. An example would be all Contacts that have not been called in the last Year or All Contacts that do not have an Opportunity/Forecasted Sale in the last 60 days.

Multiple Database Support

Stonefield Query can run reports on more than one database of the same structure as well as databases of different structures and type. For example, you can run a report against an Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database at the same time.

Excel Pivot Table Reporting

With Stonefield Query a Cross Tab Report can be sent to an Excel Pivot Table with the click of a button for extended data analysis.

Charts, Graphs and Dashboards

Create bar, graph, line, area, and pie charts as well as series charts and graphs. Dashboards combine multiple charts into one consolidated view of your data. Zoom in and out on the dashboard, update individual reports manually, and output the dashboard to file.


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