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Stonefield Query puts Business Intelligence reporting in the hands of the end-user where it belongs.

Crystal Reports by SAP BusinessObjects is one of the most popular and widely used reporting solutions in the world. Yet why are so many people frustrated with it?

To answer this question you must first understand that there are two types of Business Intelligence reporting users: casual users and power users. Casual users, which typically make up 80% or more of the people in an organization, include executives, managers, staff, and business analysts. Power users, making up less than 20%, include IT developers, super users, and analytical modelers.

Power users have no problem working with Crystal Reports because they understand database design, structures, relationships, joins, and SQL commands. To a casual user, on the other hand, this is beyond their expertise.

Stonefield Query supports role-based security at the field, table and report level. This means you can control access to any information stored in your system. Value Stonefield Query fulfills a valuable need every organization has: the access to information. More importantly, it allows the people who need the information the most, the ability to get it themselves.

What do others say about Stonefield Query?

Despite my past affair with Crystal Reports, I have to report that I’ve thrown over my loyalty to Stonefield Query. The simplicity and depth of the program make it easy for me to recommend.“

– Doug Wolf, Author Crystal Reports for Dummies

“In our experience, many of our SBE clients don’t want the limitations of static reports. They prefer to create and adapt reports in response to evolving business requirements. We recommend Stonefield Query for businesses who require more advanced reports because, unlike Crystal Reports, even a novice can create sophisticated reports with very little training often less than an hour).”

– Lindsay Garrison, On the verge



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