If your network is fairly slow or you're having performance problems running Stonefield Query from the server, one option is to install the program on individual computers; that is, doing a full installation on the machines rather than using WSSetup.exe to do a workstation install. In that case, in order to share reports between users, you can specify the name of a folder on the server that contains report SFX files by adding the following to the [Options] section of Data.ini (located in the Data subdirectory of the Stonefield Query program folder):


where foldername is the full path to the server folder containing SFX files.

When a user starts Stonefield Query on their system, the program checks the synchronization folder to see if there are any new or updated reports, and if so, imports them into the reports folder on the user's system.

When reports are created or updated, they may be exported to the synchronization folder manually. This doesn't happen automatically so you have complete control over which reports are available to users.