Software Maintenance

Stonefield Query Software Maintenance includes product updates, version upgrades, and unlimited support tickets at our Support Center.

  • New Customers
    Stonefield Query Software Maintenance is required for the first year. Software Maintenance will be added at the time of your initial purchase for 25% of retail price. Multi-year renewals are available at reduced rates.
  • Existing Customers
    Customers current with their software maintenance continue to receive all the benefits through the expiration date. You can renew your software maintenance anytime prior to your expiration. Current software maintenance renewals are 25% of retail price. Multi-year renewals are available at reduced rates.
  • Lapsed Software Maintenance
    Customers with software maintenance that have lapsed within the last year can renew for 40% of retail price. Customers that lapsed more than one year ago can renew for 60% of retail price. When you purchase a renewal, you receive the current version and 12 more months of updates, upgrades, and e-mail support. Multi-year renewals are available at reduced rates.
  • Software Maintenance Fulfillment
    Stonefield Query product updates and upgrades are made available via download from our website. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your purchase that includes the link to download the product update or upgrade.

If you have questions regarding your software maintenance email them to:


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