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What is Stonefield Query?

Stonefield Query Reporting Software is a non-industry specific, self service, ad-hoc, query and reporting solution that enables users to create and deliver business reports quickly and efficiently.

Why do I need Stonefield Query?

Do you have trouble getting information to make business decisions? Does it take a long time to get information? 

It’s frustrating not getting the information from your system when you need it.  In today’s world information moves quickly. This is why it’s essential to have the right information available at the right time to make business decisions. Often times, your focus is on other tasks. You don’t have time to go back and forth with someone else to get your report done. When this happens opportunities are missed, sales are lost, and decisions are made with inaccurate information.

Who uses Stonefield Query?

Stonefield Query is scalable and used by small to medium businesses (SMB), Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies, including:

Defense Threat Reduction Agency, U.S. Coast Guard, Goodyear, Days Inn/Motel 6, and Skyline Displays. See case studies for in depth analysis.

What Solution Fits Your Needs?




What our customers Are Saying

"Despite my past affair with Crystal Reports, I have to report that I’ve thrown over my loyalty to Stonefield Query. The simplicity and depth of the program make it easy for me to recommend."

Doug Wolf - Crystal Reports For Dummies

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What our customers Are Saying

"We recommend Stonefield Query for businesses who require more advanced reports because, unlike Crystal Reports, even a novice can create sophisticated reports with very little training (often less than an hour)"

Lindsay Garrison - On the Verge Inc.

What our customers Are Saying

"Although I have some basic programming skills given my IT background, I believe that anyone with rudimentary computer skills could easily create reports themselves using Stonefield Query Reporting Software. Stonefield Query is a superior reporting product that is very easy to use and very user friendly.”

Coelle Baskel - Active Money Management

What Our Customers Are Saying

"If you are looking for an affordable easy-to-use ad-hoc query tool that expands the ability of your reporting software and gives your end-users the ability to generate their own reports, you need to invest in Stonefield Query. It will certainly improve the profitability of your business."

Alec Gagne - The Crimestar Corporation

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Everyone at LOGIS loves Stonefield Query. In fact, Stonefield Query is the only reporting tool they recommend. We were looking for an ad-hoc query tool that was easy to use and economical. When we found Stonefield Query reporting software, the timing could not have been better. Stonefield Software really came through for us,"

Lonnie Rolf - Local Government Information Systems (LOGIS)

What Our Customers Are Saying

"This is a "Thank You" for the great support. I have never dealt with a company that supports their software as well as those of you at Stonefield do. "

Stanley Finch - Essential Air Group, Inc.

Stonefield Query SDK

Whether you need to deploy reporting to your internal users or if you’re a software development company deploying reporting to your customers then Stonefield Query SDK is what you need. The Stonefield Query SDK enables businesses to deliver end-user reporting to customers and/or internal users. The Stonefield Query SDK can report on virtually any database including; Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Visual FoxPro, Pervasive, IBM DB2, MySQL and more. The Stonefield Query SDK can also report on non-database formats like Microsoft Excel and text files.

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Stonefield Query Custom Solutions

Stonefield Query provides customized reporting software solutions for the following Accounting, CRM, and Help Desk Solutions: AccountMate, Alere, GoldMine, HEAT, Sage ACT!, Sage Saleslogix, Sage 300 ERP (ACCPAC), and Sage Pro ERP.
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Stonefield Query Report Creation and Designer Software

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Stonefield Query Report Creation and Designer Software Stonefield Query Report Creation and Designer Software Stonefield Query Report Creation and Designer Software Stonefield Query Report Creation and Designer Software